The Chainsmokers' New Single Finally Gets The Remixes You've Been Waiting For

The Chainsmokers‘ sickest single to date just got a remix pack!

Not straying too far from future bass groundwork, six stellar producers fer their own takes on “Sick Boy,” one the most fiery tracks we’ve heard from The Chainsmokers yet — all which keep the deep-rooted message intact.

Zaxx takes “Sick Boy” in a direction we might have expected The Chainsmokers to originally. Prismo goes a little harder with synth-forward distortion. Owen Norton lightens the mood for one the most ear-pleasing “Sick Boy” remixes on the EP. Kuur completely builds a new world around the concept with fierce energy. Trobi‘s remix embraces tribal and tropical tones for a unique result.¬†Finally, neutral. brings on the synths for a lush, heavy finish that we absolutely love.

Check out all the ficial “Sick Boy” remixes below and let us know your favorites!

Sick Boy (Remixes)