Premiere: Dax J 'Offending Public Morality'

Dax J drops his second album ‘Offending Public Morality’ on 6th April and we’ve grabbed the hammering title-track for an exclusive first listen.

The figurehead of a harder, faster industrial-tinged sound that has broken through the techno scene again in recent years, Dax is known for brutal, often breakbeat-laden tracks that smash the mainstream mould.

After being charged with “offending public morality” by a Tunisian court last year and the media storm that followed, he set to work channeling his experiences into a bold new album.

Written in the week following the incident, the title-track is a slice of raw techno, packed with intense chords and ruthless kicks, and as tumultuous as his emotions at the time.

Dax J fronts DJ Mag UK in April, discussing his new album, his Ibiza awakening, why there’s no place like Berghain and more. Find out 10 reasons to read the mag here. Copies are available from all good retailers now.

Listen to ‘Offending Public Morality’ below and pre-order now from the Monnom Black store. 

Pics by Dan Reid.

Ben Hindle is DJ Mag’s Clubs Editor and co-founder of DJ Mag Bunker. Follow him on Twitter here.