Hotel explores the eternal struggle for more in his debut single, “Loose Change” [Video]

Hotel is the newest artist to hit the Sydney music scene, and although the man (Andy Tudehope) being Hotel is not new to the music scene himself, he has released the debut single of his new project title “Loose Change”, a song driven by crunchy guitars, new wave synths and hip hop beats that find it landing in a new sonic space that brings together the artists eclectic influences.

The project name of Hotel is drawn from years working in one of Sydney’s finest hotels, where Andy partook in the night shift as a porter. Working in collaboration with his childhood friends and established hip-hop artists Billy Gunns (production) and Obi ill (Feature) on the project, some of the backing vocals also has been supplied by another close friend, Nick Hutt from Johnny Hunter.

“Loose Change” is about coming to the realisation, that the eternal search for more is only holding one back from enjoying what is in front of them. Mixing digital drum beats, keys, and Hotel’s over arching vocals, the song is essentially his anger towards the fact that he was intoxicated for so long by the aromas of riches placed in front of him by media, and society. The recurring theme and lyrics of money, are reflected as Hotel wanted to tell the part where money is just another thing people are tricked into thinking we need.

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